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AP Spanish Course Expectations


AP Spanish

Señor Mancera



Dear Parent and student of AP Spanish            August 13 – 2018


I am glad to begin the 2018-2019 school year in our AP Spanish Class. The following information offers a detail explanation of this year’s program for the class.

Course Description

The AP Spanish Language course is intended to be the equivalent of a third-year college in advanced Spanish writing and conversation.  It encompasses aural/oral skills, reading comprehension, grammar, and composition.


Spanish I - II -III - IV

Course objectives

1.   The ability to comprehend formal and informal spoken Spanish;

2.   The acquisition of vocabulary and a grasp of structure to allow the easy, accurate reading of newspaper and magazine articles, as well as of modern literature in Spanish;

3.   The ability to compose expository passages, formal and an informal letters, narrative passages and creative writing.

4.   The ability to express ideas orally with accuracy and fluency

5.   To develop communicative skills in Spanish that are useful to students and that can be applied to various activities and disciplines.

It is essential to communicate in Spanish!

“Se debe hablar Español todo el tiempo”

Course content


Content will be selected to reflect intellectual interests shared by the students and teacher (the arts, history, current events, literature, culture, sports, etc.)

Students are expected to speak Spanish at all times. There will be many sources of work with speaking. We will use conversation exercises, discuss grammar and literary readings. Students may propose topics for discussion and / or debate. Topics are only limited by their appropriateness for a school setting.


Among the variety of materials used will be have Abriendo Paso – Lectura, AP Spanish Preparing for the Language Examination,  AP Triangulo Aprobado and Temas textbooks which  allow students to work on the AP format ( AP Spanish Exam Preparation) . The Abriendo Paso - Gramática workbook will remind students of structural explanations of nuances of structure and vocabulary.

Other sources as newspapers, magazines, texts, hand-outs etc, will be use through the course.


Additional supplies

1 binder specifically for Spanish with dividers…class notes; vocabulary; hand-outs;

home/class work; workbook activities.

1 Spanish/English dictionary (for home use)

Every year Spanish students take the National Spanish Test (NST), a donation of U$7.00 to cover these fees will be appreciated.


Evaluation is based on:

Notebook: For essays, vocabulary entries, homework exercises.

Homework assignments are made daily, excluding some weekends and holidays. Some assignments are written, oral study or listening kinds of activities. The majority of the homework assignments can be completed within a 10-20 minute time frame.

Test and Quizzes: Grammar, vocabulary AP topics, comparison of themes and texts read in class.

Reading comprehension: Daily evaluation of readings and comprehension assessment.

Essays:  Demonstration of understanding of new vocabulary. Demonstration of improvement from prior essays. No repetition of errors.

Presentations: Oral presentations to the class on literary and cultural themes.

Charlas:  Brief individual presentation every Friday on any topic of interest to students (one student will prepare a “Charla” for the class)

Participation:  Logical coherent conversation in Spanish during class discussion, pair/ group activities and demonstration of interest by active participation.


Employability: This is outlined in the Sarasota County HS progression plan and includes:


1.      Attendance

2.      Coming to school or class on time

3.      Bringing required work tools, such as paper, pen/pencil/textbooks, notebooks, etc.

4.      Maintenance of an assignment notebook or similar system

5.      Completion of homework

6.      Appropriate dress for class

7.      Attitude of cooperation with teacher and fellow students

8.      Time in class devoted to the appropriate tasks  




Laptop and Cell Phone Usage:


Cell phones may be use for instructional purposes only. Instructors will direct students to take out and put away their device as needed. At all other times, cell phones and ear buds should not be visible during the instructional period. Unauthorized cell phone use during class time may result in a discipline referral.



Language Translators and copying:


The use of a language translator or copying and pasting passages into an internet translating site is a form of cheating. The assignments given to you can always be completed with your textbook, notes from class and concepts already learned. It is obvious to the teacher when a student uses translators or outside reference materials. Also, copying from a neighbor’s test is cheating and will result in a “0”. Additionally, working “together” on a project/assignment does not mean that two identical papers are handed in and this too will result in a “0”




Test and Quizzes                                                      50%

Presentations and compositions                               30%

Homework                                                                  10%

Employability and participation                                  10%


Semester exams/final grades

Quarter grade                         40%

Quarter grade                         40%

Semester exam                      20%


Students in need of additional help are encouraged to see me and make an appointment. Students are expected to make every effort to attend class especially when test or quizzes are being administered. Make-ups are done by appointment and according to school and county policy.

If you need to communicate with me you can call, write a note or e-mail me to:

Pine’s View’s 212º philosophy of putting forth extra effort to reach the extra degree will assure your success in our Spanish class.

Learning a foreign language is often entertaining, but there is much serious work to be done in order to be successful and reach the level of proficiency expected from our students. I know that using all our resources effectively, we will succeed as a group!





William Mancera

National Board Certified Teacher

Spanish Teacher

Pine View School





Academic Honor Code


            “I will uphold the honor code and I understand the consequences If I

            choose academic dishonesty.  Not signing this code will not excuse me

            from consequences if I choose to be dishonest.”

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